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3 tunnel books serie materialize an ancestral fear "something scary is watching us…."

Each tunnel book, once opened out, becomes a box containing its own universe and the beats hiding within.

Plans are individually made, therefor the opening which the reader/spectator looks from narrows to guide him at the very heart of the book, where the beast is crouching. 

In the clouds

Tunnel book

The tunnel book is made of 6 consecutive plans bound by side bands concertinaed. Once opened out, the tunnel book puts a universe in perspective in a theatrical way. 

The making of tunnel books was made in association with artist ELSA MORA (engraver illustrator)( using engraved lino which is then digitally colorized. 

"In the clouds"

Tunnel boook


Damien Prud’homme

Paper Design - conception

Elsa Mora

Engraving - illustration

Entirely cut and made by hand.

Digital print.

Deployed book dimensions : length 5,9 inch x width 5,9 inch x thickness about 5,1 inch.

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