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Graduated from Cambrai art school - graphic design and communication course. I then took part in a formation about different pop-up techniques at Maryse Eloy school of arts (Paris), which was taught by Philippe UG and Michel Ferrier.


I like the fact that you can link my work to some illustrated plates from zoological atlas you could easily find during the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries. 

I particularly enjoy Ernst Haeckel’s work, his approach of symmetry and his free interpretation of subjects he represents are elements that feed my creations. 


In a more technical way, Masahiro Chatani’s work, who developed what he called "origamic architecture" greatly influenced my work. This technique, in between paper folding and Kirigami japanese art, was also used by Japanese artist Yoshida in a more abstract approach. 


Fascinated by the elegance coming from these constructions, bearing the marks of the optimal use of the medium, I wanted in my turn to challenge this technique. The title "Entomologie Origamique" echoing "origamic architecture" clearly announces the will to put this challenging art to the test on a zoological subject.


I’ve found interesting to link Chatani’s architectural constructions and some of Haeckel’s illustrations choosing animal exoskeletons as a subject.

In my creations, giving volume to an exoskeleton, you find this idea that this kind of animal body becomes an architectural structure.


- 11th International Biennial of Arras Artist Book - Young Creation Prize - 2017​

- Meggendorfer Prize for Artist Books - (second) - 2016​

- Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize - 2015

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