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Fig. 11.

Cosmoderus erinaceus

Série Entomologie Origamique

Following closely "Entomologie Origamique", "série entomologie origamique" shows 5 new insects presented in the shape of individual cards. 

Each card shows an insect laid out, like vertically pinned on a sheet of slightly metalized paper. This staging of insects can only remind entomological boxes you can find in curiosity cabinets.

"Série Entomologie Origamique" uses a technique in between kirigami and origamic architecture. This challenging art,  in which a single sheet of paper gives shape to the whole presented object, finds its roots in Japan. This technique singularity (opposite to other kinds of pop-up which use "point de colle" or "glue dot"), is due to its lack of added on pieces. The shape forms itself only from the cutting and shaping of a single sheet of paper. Therefor, it is by opening the pages at a 90° angle that the sheet becomes a 3D structure.

"Série Entomologie Origamique" 

Fig. 11. Cosmoderus erinaceus


Signed Pop Up Cards and limited to 100 copies.

Entirely cut and made by hand.

Individual card with personalized enveloppe.

Card dimension :

length 29,7 cm x width 10,5 cm


(Available, contact for more info)

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